Sun Behind The Cloud

Yasser and Zahra Meet The Saviour of Islam (Suggested Ages: 9-13)


Authors: Ibn Ali and Binte Abbas | Paperback | 198 pages

Suitable for children aged 9-13 years old.

Yasser loves Muharram because it means he can stay up late and chill with his friends at the mosque. Zahra hates Muharram because it means all the parties are cancelled and everyone is sad.

Grandfather takes them both to their prayer room. He sits on his favourite chair, sighs deeply and says in a warm, loving voice, “Let me tell you a story.” Those six little words transform Zahra’s mood immediately. She glances up at Yasser who looks back with a knowing grin. There is no doubt about it; they are about to go on one of their Grandfather’s marvellous adventures.

Join Yasser and Zahra as they travel back in time and witness the most important events in the history of Islam unfold. From his blessed birth, and the event of Ghadir, to the journey from Medina to Karbala and his final moments, this book ignites a love for Imam Husayn in the heart of every reader. Based on Yasser and Zahra Meet The Heroes of Kerbala.

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