All our artwork is drawn or hand painted by our artists. 

  • If you are after a particular piece of artwork or have a theme in mind that you want our artist to draw, please send us your enquiry through the contact us page or email us on
  • Drawings can take anywhere between 2 - 4 weeks to be completed by the Artist. Please be aware the artist may have other projects or exhibitions to attend to during the submission of your request, so this timeframe is just an estimate. We will do our best to accommodate your requests in a timely manner, and if we cannot meet your request we will inform you accordingly.
  • All prints (on canvas or on paper) are reprints of the original painting and are professionally printed by the award winning New Zealand Fine Art Imaging Studios.
  • Ahlulbayt Bookstore Limited owns all exclusive rights to the artwork listed on this site.

Shipping Policy

We take extra care to ensure your pieces of artwork are delivered to you in the way it left the artist's studio. We follow strict packaging and shipping guidelines to keep the artwork firmly in place during the entirety of its journey.

Each artwork posted on our site ships individually and directly from the artisit themslves or from their art studio. The shipping method will vary depending on how the artist decides to ship it.

The process will usually begin by measuring the artwork's dimensions including length, width and height. Once securely wrapped and packaged, the volumetric weight will also be calculated. There are generally 3 categories that we use to ship the artwork in:

  1. Ships in a cardboard box.
  2. Ships in a custom made wooden crate.
  3. Ships in a circular tube.

The original artwork will be wrapped in glassine paper, with 2-3 layers of bubble wrap, sandwiched between foam boards, corrugated cardboard, double wall corrugated cardboard box and the surfaces are protected with cardboard corner protectors. Please note, we place the smooth side of the bubble wrap against the art with the bubbles side facing outwards to avoid potentially damaging the artwork and avoid unnecessary dents and impressions.

Larger pieces of artwork will be shipped in a custom made wooden crate that is built to be transported around the world.

Shipping carriers, insurance and delivery are usually agreed with the client prior to shipping.

If you have any questions or would like to discuss further, please email us on