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Who Am I? A Selection of Reflective Poems

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Author: Fatema Valji | Paperback | 84 pages 

We live in a highly sensory, digitised world, saturated with all the advantages of scientific and material advancement. Naturally, we live healthier, longer and more comfortable lives than ever before.   Our overflowing cup, however, is not without a drop of bitterness. Sometimes, our lives spiral into circular discontent. In the unrelenting pursuit of materialistic objectives, we may be left with a gnawing sense of loss deep within.
This collection of poems seeks to express an inner conversation that resonates in the relatability of the dilemmas, aspirations, hopes and fears explored. They probe our quintessentially human longing to reach the deeper truth and objectives of this journey of endless possibility that we call life. For the poetry lover and the complete novice - these poems will inspire young and old alike!

About Fatema Valji

Fatema Valji is a full-time mother who enjoys writing reflective poetry when the kids are asleep and all is finally still and quiet. Whilst she began writing poetry as a solitary journey of introspection and self-expression, she soon realised that poetry can be a powerful medium to share ideas, provoke deeper thought and inspire change. Fatema believes that poetic conversations about love, beauty, justice and truth are vital because they resonate across cultural, faith, gender, wealth and other divides, by invoking and navigating our common human conscience and spirit. A passionate lover of language, Fatema is also a freelance editor and organiser of poetry competitions and courses within her faith community.


An inspirational as well as thought provoking work. The author has been able to capture the human condition both internal and external with her pen. Each work in its own way skillfully and authentically explores the fundamental question of “Who Am I”.
Shaykh Abul Hasan Muhammad Yasin Dewji, Scholar and Poet

The voice of the soul that speaks in ‘Who am I’ reminds me of how succinctly poetry can be the vehicle of spiritual expression. Powerful words beautifully put together are deeply effective and can provide useful spiritual orientation. The poems in this collection resonate with an inner voice, torn between the outward worldly life that is difficult to escape and the longings deep inside that will not stay silent. Powerful words speak of deep emotion in this collection, emotion that lies below the surface but that pours out when paid attention to. These poems teach us what is so essentially human – to listen to the voice inside us. It never fails to illuminate the path for us. These poems reveal an alertness to the soul, often buried under mundane everyday life. The spiritual concerns speak of an inner apprehension, a longing for transcendence that sweeps through the heart and infuses every outward act. The human soul longs to be free so it can rise towards its Maker, and the poems capture this difficult journey very adequately. The spirituality in these poems transport the reader. The words speak of a deep sensitivity, an alertness to the voice within. There is disillusionment and pain, but there is also love and spirituality, juxtaposing the two sides of the human being. The poignant words and images created reveal an urgency to examine life and all its trappings.
Tahera Kassamali, Author, Community Advisor

The beautifully concise and magical use of language makes this anthology feel like taking a deep breath or walking through a forest. The poems resonate because they are honest. They articulate the bleakness and joy and hope and confusion of our 21st century lives. Despite addressing the pain and angst of being a human, these words are positive in spirit; they are deeply touching and ultimately uplifting.
Sharon Snowden, Head of Reading and Literacy Department, Park High School

Page after page and line after line - a brilliant piece of work looking through a prism of the mundane in search of the sublime!
Dr. Abbas Tejani, Poet

Eloquent and thought-provoking, these poems will inspire you to refl ect on the purpose of the lives we lead and the world we live in.
Shaista Yusufali, English Teacher

This book is for those seeking to reconnect to what is real.
Rebecca Masterton, Author and Presenter

Pieces of her very being, Sister Fatema Valji’s debut poetry lifts the veils to bare the truth, colliding the definitions of ourselves with the realities of life. Holding her open heart in your hands as it pours her love of Allah Subhanahu wa ta’ala and restless whispers into the well will allow you also to bear the burden of existing in earthen exile by delving into yourself and The Sustainer’s Love and Justice. A must-have for lovers of Islamic poetry!
Laila Hasib, Founder of Inked Resistance Islamic Publishing

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