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The Psalms of Islam (Al-Sahifah Al-Sajjadiyyah) Limited Gilded Hardcover Edition


Author: Imam Zain Al Abidin (AS) W.C. Chittick | Hardback | 348 pages 

This beautifully produced book brings alive for the non-Arabic speaker the power and the subtlety of the supplications and prayers taught by the Fourth Imam, Ali b. Husayn.  This comprehensive book of prayer has been a mainstay of the practical dimension of religion, its lived spirituality, for countless souls down through the ages. It not only engages the deepest dimensions of the yearning of the seeker for God, it also contains penetrating insights into the psychology of the soul, acute observations of the nature of life in this world, and meditation upon the divine qualities and attributes.

In addition, the book contains moral and ethical teachings -the ideal behaviour of the Muslim in daily life, in relation to parents, children, friends and enemies -that are all the more compelling in being presented in the context of a dynamic relationship between the soul and its Creator. There is presented here, in fact, a veritable treatise on ‘Human Rights’ but linked to human and spiritual duties. Professor Chittick’s rendition of this classical text into fluent and elegant English stands as an indisputable masterpiece of translation.

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