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The Lives of the Twelve: A Look at the Social and Political Lives of the Twelve Infallible Imams- Part 4

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Author: Shaykh Mahdi Pishva'i | Translated by: Sayyid Ali Musawi | Paperback | 162 pages

This fourth part of the Lives of the Twelve is a pioneering work that details the lives of the Twelve Shia Imams. While most works on the Twelve Imams focuses on the basics of their lives, this text goes into the details of their social and political lives and how they affected change throughout their societies. Through extensive research, Shaykh Mahdi Pishvai has been able to craft together many details which were not widely known before.

This is the first time a book of this caliber has been published in the English language. Today, we live in times where morality and a sense of right and wrong have all but disappeared. In light of this, we can turn to the teachings and wisdom of the Twelve in order to see how we can help bring back morality and that human sense of differentiating between right and wrong in our society. This work is composed of four distinct volumes, each of which goes into the lives of three of the twelve Imams.

This volume deals with the social and political lives of Imam Hadi, Imam Askari, and Imam Mahdi.

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