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Shiʿi Islam: Origins, Faith & Practices

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Author: Mohammad A. Shomali Paperback | 176 pages 

In this concise, scholarly work, Mohammad Ali Shomali outlines the distinguishing features of the Twelver Shiʿa school of Islamic thought, which is based on the teachings of the Household of the Prophet. He focuses on the textual sources of Shiʿi thought and the leading doctrines of Shiʿism – both those which are shared with other Muslims and those that are unique to Shiʿism, such as the emphasis on divine justice, the imamate, and the infallibility of the Imams. Concluding with a useful survey of Shiʿa demographics, devotional practices, and holy sites, this readable work answers many common questions about the origins, history, and beliefs of Shiʿi Muslims with an emphasis on spirituality and rationality. Timely and relevant given the focus on Shiʿi Muslims in the world media today.

Mohammad Ali Shomali is an Islamic scholar with both a seminary and an academic background. In addition to graduating from and teaching at the seminary of Qum, he has a doctorate in philosophy from the University of Manchester. He is a renowned worldwide public speaker and has a particular interest in interfaith work.

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