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Nafasul Mahmoom - relating to the heart rending tragedy of Karbala


Author: Shaikh Abbas Qummi | Translated by: Aejaz Ali Bhujwala Al-Hussaini | Hardback | 496 pages

Covers the tragic event of Karbala right from the martyrdom of Imam Hussain (a.s) upto the revenge of Mukhtar. The author in this book has directly quoted the versions of the narrators and has refrained from altering the original texts or furnishing his own opinion

The book starts with the birth of Imam Hussain (as), explaining his virtues, and also contains the forty revered traditions (ahadeeth) regarding the merits of mourning and weeping over his afflictions, cursing his enemies and prophecies about his martyrdom.

The book details the events that led to the making of Karbala. Starting from the death of Muawiya, Yazeed’s claim of allegiance from Imam Hussain (as), the book then goes on with a whole sequenced write up on the events that took place in and after Karbala. The best part of the book – every topic/event is enlisted in a chapter wise format!

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