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Kisa Keywords: A Quranic Word Association Game! (Suggested Ages: 7+)

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Authors: Kisa Kids Publications | A Qur'anic Word Association Game

Kisa Keywords is a fun and exciting game, intended to teach children some of the words in the Qurʾān along with their meaning, transliteration, and location in the Qurʾān. This game approaches the Qurʾān in a fun, interactive way, and the child can connect with it and familiarize themselves with many Qurʾān words. Start with words, spark their curiosity, learn more, and then inshāʾAllāh, they will inculcate these words into their lives.

A brief synopsis of the game:

You are a librarian at your mosque, and the shelves are a mess! You've organized a team of volunteers to group books by subject and sort them onto the appropriate shelves.

Be warned, you are racing against a fellow librarian's team to see who can sort the books onto their shelves faster. And be careful, there is one book that is an amānah (entrusted to you) that you must return to the owner, because if it makes it onto your shelves, everyone instantly loses the game! 

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