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Introduction to the Sciences of the Qur'an, Volume 2: Muhammad Hadi Marifat (Paperback)

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Author: Muhammad Hadi Marifat | Translated by: Salim Rossier, Mansoor Limba | Paperback | 406 pages

This book is volume 2 of 2 volume set. The book is an abridged translation of Ayatullah Muhammad Hadi Marifat's magnum opus, (AL-TAMHID FI ULUM AL QURAN) which is arguably and indispensable contemporary contribution to the Quranic studies. As an exemplar academic research, it delves into many crucial issues about the Quran and its history without taking sides. Its critical approach and cross-dimensional and denominational analyses makes it stand out as an example of a work which can form a bridge between the classic and the modern perspectives in the field.

“A fascinating glimpse into contemporary understandings of the Qur’anic sciences by a most prominent specialist in the field. Perhaps especially noteworthy for the non-Muslim reader is the Ayatollah Ma’rifat’s emphasis on the orality of the Qur’an. Altogether a most welcome addition to the growing body of Shi’I materials available in English. ”
Dr. Andrew J Newman, University of Edinburgh, UK

“A very useful text, presenting with great clarity a range of responses to important issues by a leading authority from the Shi’a intellectual world. The translation is fluent and presents accurately the flavor of the cultural world from which it emanates. ”
Professor Oliver Leaman, University of Kentucky, US

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