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Imam Mahdi - Life & Times


Author: Mohammad Mehdi Baghi | Paperback | 181 pages

Imam Mahdi will rise in the last days of time to fill the earth with justice. According to Shi'i beliefs, the twelfth Imam is Muhammad ibn Hasan Al-Askari. He went into minor occultation in his prime of life when his four deputies served as intermediaries between him and his followers. After sixty-nine years, he went into the major occultation and he will rise upon upon the command of his Lord.

This book is a collection of thematically arranged hadiths (narrations and traditions) based on major classical Shi'i hadith sources, such as Bihar Al Anwar and Kamal Al Din. The hadith's which have been collected relate to Imam Mahdi's birth; prime of life; minor and major occultations; deputies; signs and causes of his rising; and the fruits of his rising in the last days of the world.

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