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Devoted to The Truth: Allama Amini, The Author of al-Ghadir

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Author: Dr. Muhammad-Raza Fakhr-Rohani | Foreward by: Sheikh Ahmad Amini Paperback | 152 pages

Allama Amini is most famous for his research project al-Ghadir which offers an in-depth analysis of the appointment of Imam Ali at Ghadir Khumm and the series of events that followed. Born in Tabriz in 1902, Allama Abd al-Husayn Amini developed a passion for knowledge from a young age under the tutelage of his father. At aged 14 years, he moved to Najaf to pursue his studies further. There, he benefitted from some of the greatest scholars of his time. Dr. Fakhr-Rohani’s biography is the first of its kind written in English. It describes Allama’s early influences, analyses the research methods used in al- Ghadir, and relates anecdotes from those closest to him, thus uncovering the secrets behind Allama Amini’s devotion to the truth.

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