Current Issues: A Shi'ah Reflection

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Author: Ali Hussain Al-Hakim | Paperback | 559 pages 

Ayatollah Ali Al-Hakim's 'Current Issues: A Shi'ah Reflection' aims at providing guidelines concerning a number of important doctrinal questions for a predominantly young, educated readership living in the West. Some of its articles discuss. from a jurisprudential point of view and in a clear style, topics of social life, such as hijab, and flexible marriage, while others are profound well-structured articles on subjects such as embracing Islam in a non-Muslim environment, Feminism and globalisation. The book is a welcome addition to an important genre which seems to have been neglected since Professor Nasr's 'A Young Muslim's Guide to the Modern World (1994).'

Professor Ali Paya, Department of Politics and International Relations, University of Westminister (UK).

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