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Stages of Spiritual Growth (Kitab Al-Insan)


Author: Sayyid Muhammad Husayn Tabataba'i | Translated by: Mehdi Baghi | Paperback | 234 pages 

Stages of Spiritual Growth is an English translation of the original Arabic text of Kitab al-Insan (published in Beirut in 1989), a mystico-theological treatment of the realm of comman i.e. the non-spatial and atemporal world of angels and human spirits, the life of man in this world, and the human existence after this world.

The author, Sayyid Muḥammd Ḥusayn Tabatabaʾi (1903–1981) was a most distinguished and prolific scholar who is mainly known for his voluminous commentary on the Holy Qurʾan, the complete and readable English translation of which is yet to be completed.

Although the author has provided details for some of the references he cites in many places the translator has provided extra detail. The translator also added a number of annotations in order to clarify some of the ambiguities in the text. The present translator assumes full responsibility for all the errors and mistakes in rendering the original Arabic text into English and adding to the footnotes.

This English translation is but an initial step towards introducing a treasure trove of Islamic theology and mysticism to English readers.

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