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Arabic Morphology Made Simple


Author: Sayyid Muhammad Rida Tabataba’i  | Translated by: Mohammad Mehdi Baghi | Paperback | 669 pages

Arabic Morphology Made Simple is a comprehensive textbook on Arabic morphology aimed at intermediate and advanced students of Arabic grammar. The book provides students with the tools for unlocking the rich storehouse of the Arabic language and its enduring literary appeal.

This work is a masterful translation of Sayyid Muhammad Rida Tabataba’i’s Sarf-i Sadih, a textbook popular with students and instructors in Iran for over four decades. In compiling this work, the author has relied on more than twenty traditional and contemporary textbooks on Arabic grammar. The book is often studied after Arabic Morphology: An Introduction, also written by the same author.

Sayyid Muhammad Rida Tabataba’i (b. 1948) received his education at the Muntaziriyyah (Haqqani) Islamic School in Qum. A prominent student of Ayatollah Sayyid Muhammad Husayni Bihishti (d. 1981) and Ayatollah ‘Ali Quddusi (d. 1981), he succeeded them as the principal of Muntaziriyyah and later followed in their footsteps as the principal of the Shahidayn Islamic School. He has also served as the principal of Jami‘at al-Zahra’, an Islamic seminary and university for women in Qum.

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