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Short Guide to Understanding Islam

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Author: Dr. Chris Hewer | Paperback | 96 pages

Dr. Chris Hewer has studied both Christian theology and Islamic studies. He has been engaged in Christian-Muslim interfaith dialogue for the past three decades and has specialised in helping non-Muslims to understand Islam. His work can be seen at

Understanding a religion requires that we try to see it through the eyes of who follow it. Islam is a way of life and so to understand it requires more than just accumulating information; it means that we need to try to feel what it must be to live according to this vision. This short guide aims to take readers on that journey of understanding. Written in a clear language and with a content that flows naturally, the text presents a Muslim worldview, the many revelations and Prophets that have been sent, basic beliefs and practices, and practical issues such as building a just society and a Muslim family life. Some of the hard questions of today are also tackled from the perspective both of ideals and realities that we encounter.

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