The Martyr of Freedom: Mystical Concepts and Historical Analysis of Al-Husayn The Master of Martyrs and the grandson of Prophet Muhammad (Hardcover)

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Author: Ayatollah Ali H. Al-Hakim | Hardback | 385 pages

This study brings together the great Shi'ah traditions of Supplication (du'ā) and Islamic Mysticism (irfān), bringing to light the dimensions of Imam Hussain (as) by examining his role as the inheritor of the prophets using an analytical methodology applied to Shaikh al-Akbar Ibn 'Arabi's theories.

The events of the lives of each prophet find a symbolic echo in the life of Imam Hussain (as), thus we see how Imam Hussain (as) perfectly embodied the prophetic path, his life culminating in the highest station of spiritual realisation through embracing the 'One Reality' in supreme annihilation: an act of martyrdom which to this day shines as a brilliant light for those seeking guidance.'

Dr. Rebecca Masterton, Lecturer, ICAS, affiliated to the University of Middlesex, London 'Ali H. Al-Hakim's new book, "The Martyr of Freedom", is an original approach to the life and role of Imam al-Hussain (as) in Islam. The present book reflects an anthology of spiritual experience, meticulously grafted with historical research, lived and breathed in spiritual essence with Imam al-Hussain (as) over the past twenty years; the fruits of which have cascaded to the author's disciples, in a series of lectures held in various parts of Europe and the United States.

While you journey through the book, you will witness certain historical events, starting with the meeting at the Hall of Banu Saa'idah, culminating in the tragedy that is Karbala. In the author's mind, Imam al-Hussain is the link between all these heartbreaking stations, which resulted in his martyrdom.

Al-Hakim has successfully demonstrated the important notion that, due to the domination of the collective mind, unnoticed wrong action can lead, through accumulated dormant insubordination, to far greater sin, like the murder of Imam al-Hussain (as).' Dr. Jassim Hussain, Professor of Islamic History, ICAS affiliated to the University of Middlesex, London

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