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Compendium of Shi'i Pilgrimage Prayers - 5 Volume Set / Jami Al-Ziyarat Al-Ma'sumin

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Compiled by Mu'assasat Al-Imam Al-Hadi | Translated by" Mohammad Mehdi Baghi | Paperback | A collection of 5 out of 6 volume set

The texts of the present Compendium, seemingly the most comprehensive collection of Shi'i pilgrimage prayers addressed to the Fourteen Infallibles (AS), have been edited by collating reliable sources. Each prayer is preceded by traditions on the merits of visiting the shrine of the Infallible to be followed by the narrations and sources of prayer. The classification of the prayers is regional (ie: they are arranged according to the burial places of the Infallibles). Furthermore, mention has been made of the devotional acts to be performed at each shrine. The contents of the volumes include the following:

Volume 1: (Al Madinat Al Munawwara) includes the pilgrimage prayers devoted to the Noble Prophet (SAW), Fatimat al-Zahra (SA), the Imams (AS) and saints buried at the Baqi Cemetery, and the martyrs of the Uhud Battle.

Volume 2: (Al Najaf Al Ashraf) includes the pilgrimage prayers devoted to the Commander of the Faithful, Imam Ali (AS; Najaf) and those said at the Mosque of Kufa.

Volume 3: (Not available) includes the pilgrimage prayers devoted to Imam al-Husayn (AS) and Hadrat Abu al-Fadl alAbbas (AS) and other martyrs buried in Karbala.

Volume 4: (The Kazimayn, Askariyayn and Imam Al-Mahdi) includes pilgrimage prayers devoted to the Kazimayn (ie: Imam Musa (AS) and Imam Muhammad Taqi (AS), and the Askariyayn, ie: Imam Ali al-Naqi (AS) and Imam Hasan al-Askari (AS), and those of Imam al-Mahdi, the Twelfth Imam (AS; Samarra and Kazimayn).

Volume 5: (Mashhad Al Rida) includes the pilgrimage prayers devoted to Imam al-Rida (AS; Mashhad).

Volume 6: (General Visitation Prayers) Ziyarat al-Jamia (ie: general prayers and also those devoted to the descendants of the Imams (eg: Hadrat Masuma (AS)).

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