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Animals Pray, Too - A Collection of 6 Puppet Board Books (Suggested Ages 2-5)

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Authors: Kisa Kids Publications, guided by Moulana Nabi R. Mir Abidi | Paperback 

Animals Pray, Too - A 6 Book Series

Suitable for children aged 2+ years old

Have you ever wondered what a horse is saying when it neighs? Or how about a lion when it roars? The Qurʾān tells us that "Everything in the Heavens and the earth glorifies Allah!" (62:1) Drawing inspiration from this verse, Animals Pray, Too! is a series of 6 board books about different animals, and how even they pray to Allah when they speak! Each book features a fun and exciting animal puppet, perfect for toddlers!

The Animals Pray, Too bundle includes 6 puppet board books:

  1. The Lion's Roar
  2. The Horse's Neigh
  3. The Elephant's Trumpet
  4. The Cow's Moo
  5. The Giraffe's Hum
  6. The Camel's Chomp


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