Islamic Texts Institute

Al-Nudbah: A Devotional Elegy for the Prophet Muhammad and his Family


Translation and Commentary By: Islamic Texts Institute, under the direction of Shaykh Rizwan Arastu | Paperback | 121 pages

Al-Nudbah represents thousands of hours of work and the efforts of multiple individuals. It is not merely a translation of al-Nudbah. The team at ITI has researched every word, every grammatical structure, and every literary device. We have traced every allusion back to its source and attempted to reconcile every sentence with Islamic teachings as a whole. In doing so, we have availed ourselves of existing commentaries on al-Nudbah. However, most of the work you see is the result of original research written specifically for a western audience; it is not simply the translation of a work originally intended for another time or place. Accordingly, we have attempted to address the concerns of our audience through language and arguments suited to their culture, intelligence, and mindset.

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