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Al-Kafi Book 1: Intellect & Foolishness


Author: Shaykh Abu Ja far Muhammad ibn Yaqub al-Kulayni | Commentary and translated by: Islamic Texts Institute under the direction of Shaykh Rizwan Arastu | Paperback | 280 pages 

Written in the 10th century, al-Kafi is the earliest and most important compilation of traditions from Prophet Muhammad and his successors. Al-Kafi Book I: Intellect & Foolishness is the first in the series of thirty-five books. This English translation also features detailed, original commentary that makes a challenging text accessible to readers of all backgrounds. Whether you are a Muslim looking to deepen your understanding of your faith or an academic interested in studying the world s fastest growing religion, al-Kafi is a must-read.

Shaykh Abu Ja far Muhammad ibn Ya qub al-Kulayni (d.940 or 941 CE) was among the foremost Muslim scholars of his age. He has been praised by his contemporaries as the most reliable of our scholars of traditions, an expert on traditions, and of the highest status, a scholar of traditions. Another has claimed there is a consensus on his reliability and trustworthiness. Through his compilation of al-Kafi, al-Kulayni has had a profound influence on Islamic scholarship, making him one of the most significant and celebrated scholars of all time.

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