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The Story of the Holy Ka`ba and Its People

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Author: Muhammad Raza Shabbar Paperback 212 pages 

This is the first book of its kind, in which concise and yet engaging biographies of the fourteen ‘Ma’soomeen’ (‘inerrant ones’) are presented in the compass of a single volume, together with beautiful photographs of the mausoleums and mosques connected with the noble personages in question.

The work is specifically designed to address the needs of younger readers, who may be unable to go directly to the original and extensive sources, and who wish to have access to an easily digestible account of all of these persons who are so highly revered.

It is also valuable for older readers who need to have the essential tenets of the school of the Ahl al-Bayt presented in a simple yet concrete manner, and this is achieved in the book by addressing these tenets in the actual context of the historical unfolding of this early period of Islamic history.

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