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The Idols Will Fall (The Seven Sleepers of the Cave)

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Author: Muhammad Saeed Bahmanpour Paperback | 282 pages

Maximilian and his friends are living a double life, posing as royal counsellors for the despotic, pagan governor of Roman Philadelphia (in present-day Jordan) while secretly spreading the outlawed religion of Jesus of Nazareth. As their brethren fall victim to torture and murder, their situation becomes more and more dire until they take a daring step that sends shockwaves throughout the whole Roman Empire. Although they are forced to flee, their story lives on as generation after generation carry on their epic battle and an unimaginable miracle changes their world forever. The Idols Will Fall is a unique presentation of the miraculous story of these young men referred to both in Christian historical literature and in the Qurʾan. This is the story of the aṣḥāb al-kahf, the seven Sleepers of the Cave.

Muhammad Saeed Bahmanpour is Director of Inter-faith Relations at the Islamic Centre of England, London. He is also the scriptwriter of several famous historical films – including the present story – and a moving TV series on the Virgin Mary shown on many Muslim television channels around the world.

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