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Globalization, Americanization & British Muslim Identity


Author: Saied Reza Ameli | Paperback 

The first empirical study to explore the impact of globalization on Muslim identity in Britain, this book draws upon several theoretical models to examine the paradox of homogenization and heterogenization that globalization generates through increasing Westernization on the one hand and increasing Islamic ‘resistance’ on the other. By studying second-generation Muslim children of migrants to the UK, it suggests the extent to which the Western ‘global cultural industry’ has influenced Muslim identity in the UK and how, through the process of heterogenization, cultural forms have become diversified and fragmented, and identity construction diffused.

Saied Reza Ameli is a professor of communications at the University of Tehran and is the founder of the Institute of Islamic Studies

 ‘A groundbreaking study synthesizing the debate regarding crucial aspects of Muslim engagement with the West… [it] investigates the cultural interaction between young Muslims and British society, how their identities are being interrogated, challenged and transformed as they move into the twenty-first century.’

Dr K. H. Ansari
Royal Holloway University

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